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TRUE ????TOO                       #  6


Lest you think this paper is declining into the world of porn, let me assuage your fears by assuring you, one and all, that I have no idea how to do porn without pictures. If someone under 10 years of age reads  something here that he/she has never seen before, he/she has no idea what it means anyway, and this paper is strictly G rated. As with the truth, I leave it up to you, the reader. to decide what "G rated" means.

As we, the Wild Bunch, were having breakfast one morning, I was sitting in my usual place, and Chester was in his usual place, so try to get a mental picture of the table. I was looking toward Chester, who was in his booth and against the wall, while everyone to Chesters left was strung out down the tables that Luma and Tammyammyammy thoughtfully place end to end for our convenience in eating and talking. All those people were on my right, and as I looked toward Chester, I was looking past 5 or 6 people, but I can only remember who 2 of them were. I could see Chester clearly, and I could see Ray clearly. Between Ray, who was blocking nearly all of one individual, and Chester, there was clearly visible, (although completely covered), what I remember to be boobs. Since the boobs were next to Chester, I logically assumed they must belong to Sally, although everything but the boobs was completely obscured by Ray and the boobs were completely obscured by clothing. I know you are thinking "But Sally is a tiny woman", but from my viewpoint at the time, ALL of Sally ain't all that small. "They" definitely get into a room before she does.

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