Saturday, November 2, 2013

TRUE # 7


TRUE ???? TOO   # 7

Having just survived another HALLOWEEN, without incident, there are a few things I should relate to you, the faithful readers of  TRUE ???? and TRUE????TOO, to keep you up to date on what's going on at Bella Vita on the days you may not actually be at Bella Vita, having  prior engagements at: the deer lease (perfectly acceptable), car show (also acceptable), fishing trip (likewise acceptable) House full of guests (acceptable if you cannot bring them with you, or sneak out without them), gambling trip (acceptable if you allot a portion of your winnings to Bella Vita waitresses as TIPS). I did take a couple of photos of the Bella Vita Resident Witches. Missing among them was Sherrydan,(not her REAL name, of course) who is notable for having survived several Witch trials, having been acquitted, of course, in every case. In the photos, you will see Victrola (not her REAL name, of course) as well as Katchina,(also not her REAL name), and who was taking this Halloween off, and therefore incognito and not properly attired. The man in Black, Gemini Man, (not his REAL name, of course, though some refer to him as Warlock), passed the camera to someone else for the pix. This group would not share details of what was in the cauldron in the kitchen, bubbling away.

JE and SE finally got their new house, and despite a few glitches along the way, are now moved in, barring any spells cast their way. (JE and SE are not their REAL names, of course.)  Readers of this missive are well aware that TRUE???? and/or TRUE???? TOO, NEVER give out anyones REAL name. A fifth of OLD OVERHOLT  might  possibly shake out a REAL name but that is not a certainty.

Salty almost had to be physically restrained from climbing over the back of the booth she and Chestwick share. REAL names?  NAH! Chestwick is trying to find someone who will install a 250cc Kawasaki engine on a wheelchair. A nerf (anti wheelie) bar on the chair is a MUST. Chestwick offered to tow SE in her chair to Bella Vita for breakfast, and though JE was cheering her on, she politely declined, then went straight to confession.

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