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TRUE ???? TOO     # 10

Some of you may not have heard about S. E.'s latest mis-adventure, but I'm sure you DO know she is an avid La Crosse player, and has had some success with a move she developed and perfected. We all know a La Crosse field is littered with trees, some alive and upstanding, and an equal number dead and stretched out on the ground. Most players, when confronted with a log maybe 3 feet tall laying on it's side, simply hurdle the log without breaking stride, and continue on toward a goal. S. E. developed a method whereby she jumps up on the log, giving her a height advantage to take a peek downfield over her opponents heads, most of whom are taller than S. E., then jumping off the log to continue downfield.
   It seems that S. forgot to factor in age when she jumped up on the log. Lest you be thinking that S. is too old to be playing La Crosse, her age doesn't even enter the equation. Simply put, she didn't consider the age of the log before she jumped, and the bark on the old dead tree slipped, and dumped her off on the offside of the log. Being an athlete and in good condition, S. executed a nearly perfect full gainer to keep from spilling on her head, and managed to land almost on her feet, breaking her leg in the process. The doctors felt like they needed to put a few more pounds of scrap iron in her leg to help stabilize her for up coming La Crosse matches.
Get well S.

    Also on the injured list and in the hospital is B.V. I didn't get all the particuars, but I think it had something to do with racing the length of a La Crosse field wearing wet sweats and getting too hot.

    S.R. was sitting in her regular booth this morning, and I noticed her rocking back and forth in the booth. When asked what she was doing, she replied that she was measuring the distance between the back of the seat, and the edge of the table. That is the most unusual(but VERY interesting) method of measuring anything I have ever run across. S. will probably explain it to you if you ask her.

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