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TRUE  ????    TOO     # 9

Once Upon A Time
   There were these three bears. The biggest of the bears, the papa bear, was a bear of a bear, and co-incidentally worked for the railroad, for slave wages, barely making ends meet. The next bear, co-incidentally, the mama bear, was smaller than the papa bear, and had a "Guvment" job, trying to teach young'uns how to "not fall over their own feet while texting and doing the macarena under a Limbo bar", which CAN be done, contrary to what you might hear on CNN. The third bear, co-incidentally the youngest and brownest bear to ever hold a seat in the United States Senate, won his seat by taking a salmon away from the "then" Senator who did not know how to fish., right along with a plethora of other things that pol did not know how to do.
    Some of the staff at Bella Vita hope to unseat this bear by devising a system of hand signals that everyone except politicians will understand. This reporter watched Victrola (not her REAL name) conversing with Lumanescent using this code between the bar and the dining room. Rex (not his real name) said he could understand what the two ladies were "talking" about. Victrola  has a map tattooed on her stomach, and said as soon as she can find somebody who CAN NOT read that map, She'll go topless doing the semaphore out front to drum up business.

    I toyed with the idea of telling Victola that I have vast amounts of experience redacting text, maps, photos, and most anything else one might have and not want someone else to see/understand/make public/or otherwise bandy about, and I would be perfectly willing to make my expertise available to her, without remuneration. She can make that request with a wink.

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