Saturday, November 23, 2013

TRUE????TOO # 8


TRUE ???? TOO      # 8

By now, you , the five readers of TRUE AND TRUE TOO, have learned how to read this missive, and passed on to the woefully ignorant all that is needed to actually understand what TRUE, and this one, TRUE TOO , both with the required question marks, are all about. Some folks NEVER catch on, but we must sadly, leave them behind. They CAN catch up, if they have the desire and some free time The title of this one is: FREE TIME, and of course has absolutely nothing to do with reading or understanding this document. There is a cast of thousands, but unfortunately, space is limited. If you are mentioned by name in this story, it is purely accidental, as we NEVER tell anyone's true name, so if your true name is in here, it is "made-up", and I accept NO responsibilty for how the name is used. Or misused as the case may be.
It is widely known that Gemini Man is a lay-about,ne'er do well wastrel, but it was not known until recently that some of the Bella Vita ladies are cut from the same cloth. We will call them stand-about ne'er do well wastrels so as not to have some out there think the term "Lay-about" means something entirely different. We would never cast aspersions on a ladies character. Glances perhaps, but not aspersions. Four of these ladies have indicated they would back a "topless" day, and I for one could get behind that idea, and indicated as much. Unfortunately they had in mind some skid row bums that could be "hired" for about 4 bits a day to appear shirtless. That's just lacking something. I casually mentioned that one of the bar-b-que places downtown in Ft, Worth had a "bikini" day, and one day a week you could hardly get in the place to sit down. Our ladies said they would "think that one over", which of course means the waitresses would be wearing overcoats, as it would take place on the day Hell froze over.
I'm quite sure that some of you are asking yourselves where in the world did Gemini Man come up with the title for this "story"?
As it turns out, I decided on the spur of the moment to write this. Part way through, I realized I was not going to have enough free time to write what I intended, so this is condensed. VERY condensed.


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